PPTP Setup for New TP-Link TL-WR820N WiFi Router

There are two types of the PPTP settings are there for TP-Link WR820N wifi router

  1. Basic PPTP settings:- These settings have the options in HTTP //tplinkwifi.net/as mentioned here.

 www tplinkwifi net login

  • Username/Password:-Here you have to enter the username and password which is provided by the ISP.

tp link wifi router configuration

  • Server IP/Domain name:- Here you will have to enter the server’s IP address or domain name which is also provided by the ISP.
  • Dynamic IP/Static IP:- You have to choose one option from the address type which is provided by the ISP.

tp link access point

  • Advanced PPTP settings:- Advance PPTP settings are consists of the settings which are as mentioned here.


Connection type:-


  • Automatically connection:- This is the mode where the connection is established automatically if once it is down.
  • Connect on-demand:- In this mode when there is an inactive period for some time then the internet connection terminated automatically and re-established again when you attempt to access the internet on the device. In the settings of Max idle time field fill the period as zero if you want to keep your internet connection stay connected all the time.

www tp link com

  • Connect manually:- Here you can click on the Connect/Disconnect icon to make the connection or disconnect the connection immediately. This mode also supports the Max idle time function as connect on-demand mode. This internet connection can be disconnect automatically if the specified period is inactive but here the connection will not be re-establish when you going to attempt to access the internet.

MTU Size:-

This is MTU size which is 1460bytes in size. Do not change the default the MTU size until required by the ISP.

WAN Rate settings:-

Here you can select the rate and duplex mode for the WAN port. It is     recommended to keep it in default auto mode in Http //tplinkwifi.net/

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